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The longest 3 weeks away from my son

Being a mother is such a rewarding and hard job at the same time.
One day I am exhausted, nearly falling asleep in front of my computer trying to hand in an assessment. The next I am laughing playing games in the kitchen while dinner is cooking.

When my sons dad offered to take him to the other side of the country for 3 weeks I was having a party in my head. the week before they leave I am planning what assessments to hand in, what I am going to do around the house. In all reality I thought I was going to have the time of my life.

But the truth is the day they left I drove an hour behind the bus taking them to the airport to say good bye again. I teared up a few times thinking how I was going to cope without my little baby. I had never been away from him no where near this long.

After saying good bye, I drove home and did not know what to do with myself. I sat thinking about my son, what he was doing, thinking how he was feeling as he is only 2.

There is still one week to go and I fin…

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