DIY Sugar wax

Hi ladies and gentle men, I thought I would share my secret in saving the big bucks and multiple costly trips to the salon for hair removal. It costs an arm and leg to feel and look good for yourself or your significant other. “seriously though” who likes other people checking and examining your areas. “haha not me its awkward”.
So I seen this short story on Yahoo or some website  about a store in New Zealand that do sugar wax treatments. I watched tutorials and was amazed by the results. I was not only hairless with the softness skin but there was not blood spots nor broken hair follicles.
I haven’t shaved in at least a year. I do shave my legs because I haven’t yet tried soft wax. Sugar wax also known as Arabic wax has gone back centuries and is great. The wax only sticks to the hair not the skin so the follicles are pulled by the root. The hair does not grow back for two weeks or longer.
You can literally wax anything on your body with the following method and tips for a perfect result. for the brave hearted you can definitely do your own Brazilian with a mirror that is.
Sugar Wax Ingredients and method
2 cups of white sugar can be regular or caster   (no icing sugar)
1/4 cups of water
1/4 lemon or lime juice
1x Fry pan
1x Wooden spoon
1x Large Plate
1x heatproof container to store
1x Tablespoon
Image result for sugar waxphoto credit: sproutinghealthyhabits
  1. Put all ingredients into fry pan and boil the sugar on a medium high heat until it turns to a darkish golden colour. Mix often. Looks like the second picture or even a bit darker.
  2. Put a teaspoon of cold water onto the plate and wipe all of the water over the plate, and wait 2-3 minutes while the liquid cools in the pan.
  3. Transfer the liquid from pan onto the plate. (its still very very hot don’t touch)
  4. Use the table spoon to pull the liquid from the outside of the plate to the inside. (It is a way of cooling the wax)
  5. When the wax is cool enough to handle pull a large amount of, you might have to do this quite a few time until all the wax has been done.
  6. Roll the wax in a ball and stretch it until it turns a creamy golden colour.
  7. Image result for sugar waxPhotocredit:

  1. You can use the wax and store the remaining in the container and keep it in the fridge.
  2. When pushing the wax down the same way the hair grows you stretch it. With the other hand taught the skin and rip the wax in the opposite direction.
  3. When you have waxed the area you wanted wet with the flannel to remove stickyness or just shower.
  4. Goodluck 🙂 you will be amazed by the results.
  1. First to prepare, The night before exfoliate the area you will be waxing. This means scrub you body with a loafer. The heat from the Shower or bath will open your pores and make it less painful when the hair is pulled out.
  2. before using the wax you have made make sure you stretch it, by stretching the wax you warm it up and it becomes sticky. *wax hardens so you are able to warm it up by storing the wax in a container  and you put the container in hot boiled water.
  3. When getting ready to wax have a flannel and little tub of water handy as your hands and skin gets sticky. So when you have finished you can wipe the stickiness off. It good to moisturize after waxing.
  4. Its handy to sprinkle a little baby powder on the skin before waxing so you can grip more hair than without baby powder.
  5. With the few small hairs that do no get removed tweezers come in handy.
I will be doing a you tube video from start to finish over the next few weeks. This includes prepping and an example of waxing. Keep posted 🙂