The longest 3 weeks away from my son

Being a mother is such a rewarding and hard job at the same time.
One day I am exhausted, nearly falling asleep in front of my computer trying to hand in an assessment. The next I am laughing playing games in the kitchen while dinner is cooking.

When my sons dad offered to take him to the other side of the country for 3 weeks I was having a party in my head. the week before they leave I am planning what assessments to hand in, what I am going to do around the house. In all reality I thought I was going to have the time of my life.

But the truth is the day they left I drove an hour behind the bus taking them to the airport to say good bye again. I teared up a few times thinking how I was going to cope without my little baby. I had never been away from him no where near this long.

After saying good bye, I drove home and did not know what to do with myself. I sat thinking about my son, what he was doing, thinking how he was feeling as he is only 2.

There is still one week to go and I find it hard seeing him via video chat 2-3 times a day, He is having the time off his life and I am the one blue, sad and lonely.

You dont know how much you miss someone until they are gone, I miss his cold little arms in the morning from being out of the blanket all night. I miss him falling asleep on me at night. I could go on with the things I miss about my son.

This has been the hardest 2 weeks of my life. I literally dont know what to do with myself. When you dont have someone to cook certain meals, when the house stays clean after you clean it what is there to do?

I laugh at myself realising how miserable I am without my baby. Even though people my age are thinking about traveling, drinking, partying and exploring life. I am here wanting my family home.

Age should never define how people are. Whether you have a child at 40 or 18 the feeling when you long for your child is indescribable and I cannot wait until my little man comes home.

Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments and I shall reply because what else am I to do?