How to regrow succulents from their leaves

I noticed something I had never seen before when shopping it was small little plants growing from succulent leaves.

I wanted to buy a five dollar succulent plant from our local department store called The Warehouse.
There was a one main succulent plant and where the soil was in the pot there were multiple small succulent plants growing from leaves.

I did not end up buying the plant but I did kept thinking of what was going on with that plant, how it was possible.

By using google and pinterest when I got home  I grew a love for succulents and an obsession with looking how to create terrariums.

In this blog I am going to tell you how to propagate a succulent plant successfully to regrow multiples of the same plant.

Step 1)First you will need a succulent plant that is healthy or atleast the leaves are healthy.

Step 2)You will need to gently pull left right left right until the succulent leaf comes off clean. If it does not come off clean there still may be a chance it will sprout new routes. It should look something like this

Step 3) It is important to let the succulent leaves dry out between 3-5 day so they callus over. This    process restricts the amount of water and hydration the succulent leaf receives. You can let them dry out on a handy towel, very dry soil or a window ledge but not in direct sunlight.

Step 4) Once the succulent leaves have callused over you can now place them lying on moist soil. It will take between 5-6 weeks before the start sprouting routes but once you see the pink and/or white routes they quickly form the leaves and stems.

Step 5) The images below are succulents after 3 months although put on soil 2 weeks apart

Note: It is best to water the succulent plants using a spray bottle so the roots are not over watered.

Please let me know how your experience growing succulent plants from succulent plants and enjoy the experience.

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