The Zirca Circus

It is the 23 of April 2017,
Last night in Glengarry, Invercargill we went to see the Zirca Circus performance.

It was my son (2), sister (5), my mother and myself. We attended for the 7.00pm to 9.30pm session.

For every child the circus is a magical experience. Before the drive down to the circus we applied sticker tattoo's, wore glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces and ate colourful popcorn.

I had never been to the circus so hyping up Mr 2 and Miss 5 was super exciting for all of us.
We arrived and sat in our seats 10 minutes early in which we were happy that a big league game was held the same date so the venue at the circus was not packed out (full).

From the opening of the clowns in the ocean blowing their whistles to the swinging acrobats jumping through hoops from the ceiling. The performance was thoroughly enjoyable along with the children.

My sons favourite part was the swinging acrobats in which every time one would jump from the swinging plank onto the mat. He would start a clapping frenzy and hoot and holler. The natural oooooh's and aaaaaah's when the small acrobatics no older than 17 at the top of the pyramids would jump from the top was absolutely fantastic. The strength and great formation of the performance made it that much enjoyable.

My sister's favourite part was the 3 small frogs in putting their petite bodies into the can drums and walk/hop around jumping on each's back was great for the children. The surrounding music that filled the event made the acts all that more exciting. The lights that moved around to each act was done in great precision by being in center each and every time.

My personal favourite of the acts was the chair stacking and doing strength exercise act by lifting his body with one hand above 8 stacked chairs just intrigued me.

The perfomances and team work was done excellent. Each act was carried out in order with no major faults or bad coordination. The performers do just that a great job of performing. It was fantastic

I would definitely go to the Zirca Circus again in future but when Mr 2 is a little bit older and does not throw a tantrum every time he is told to sit his bottom in the seat. His reply each time was he wants to go on stage and perfom by pointing and saying ' I want to go there mummy '. 15 minutes to finishing Mr 2 and Miss 5 were yawing and nearly falling asleep.

Next time I would pick an earlier session and make sure the kids have had a evening nap so they can enjoy the full performance of the Zirca circus like myself and my mum did.

The attached images were taken the first half of the performance when the voice over explained photo's and video's were acceptable only without a flash so the performers were not distracted.

After the first half was over and after the 15 minute break had concluded the voice over explained that photo's and video's were prohibited which was a little confusing. I knew i would review the experience for my blog so was unsure whether my photo's were alright to use. But like I said the first half noted photo's were okay so here they are .

Hope you enjoyed reading our experience of the Zirca Circus.